Goblin Colosseum

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Goblin colosseum is a turn-based roguelike RPG, where players fight increasingly difficult waves of goblins in an attempt to earn gold and get a score high enough to make it onto the leaderboards.

  • Players can move in the 4 cardinal directions (using the WASD keys)
  • Moving towards an adjacent enemy triggers an attack
  • A new wave of goblins spawns every 10 rounds
  • Every wave, goblins are spawned in random positions, and the number of spawned goblins goes up
  • Every time you kill a goblin, your score increases
  • The game is over when the player drops to 0 HP
  • At gameover, an amount of gold equal to your final score is added to your account
  • If your score is high enough, you might just make it onto the global leaderboards
  • Users can spend their gold to unlock special abilities, and buy consumable items in the Shop
  • Items and Special Abilities:
    • Sweeping Strike: [Ability] attacks all adjacent enemies (by pressing the E key)
    • Lightning Blast: [Ability] attacks all enemies in a straight line (by holding Shift and pressing the WASD keys)
    • Healing Potion: [Item] Restores the players hit points back to maximum (by pressing the R key)


Move/Attack with WASD, Shift+WASD for Lightning Blast, Heal with R, Sweeping Strike with E.

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