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About Me

I'm a tenacious developer with a background in biochemical research and a passion for solving tough problems. I’m currently looking to join a dev team and continue expanding my skillset.

I had my first introduction to coding through a Bioinformatics course I took while studying Biochemistry at Boston University. It was just a taste of Python, but I was immediately hooked. Since then, I’ve completed General Assembly's Web Development Immersive Bootcamp. During the program, I developed several full-stack applications, including an e-commerce site, a turn-based roleplaying game, and an inventory/task management tool.

My experience in research instilled in me a relentless and detail-oriented approach to problem solving. In fact, some of my favorite moments in the development process come from hitting a wall. There’s a unique sense of satisfaction I get from pulling out a hammer and some nails to start hacking together a ladder. I’m eager to bring my determination, and my passion for learning to a team-centric development group where I can help to drive growth through tech-based solutions.



Raindrop Shop

HTML, CSS3/SASS, Bootstrap, Handlebars, JavaScript, Stripe, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB

A full-stack e-commerce site where users can browse, search, sort, and purchase a variety of products across a range of categories. Payments are processed via the Stripe API. Users’ order history and cart contents are stored on the back end. This was a group project created alongside the wildly talented developers Andrew Young and Pedro Tavarez.

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Goblin Colosseum

HTML, CSS3/SASS, Bootstrap, Handlebars, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

A full-stack application featuring a turn-based, roguelike RPG. Users can fight through increasingly difficult waves of goblins, purchase weapons and character upgrades with gold they earn in battle, and compete for a place on the global leaderboards.

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Ember.js, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Twilio

An inventory/task management tool where users can organize ‘Items’ they care about (tangibles, to-dos, etc.) into shareable ‘Boxes’. Major features include access control lists for each Box, and SMS messaging via Twilio.

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Tic Tac World

HTML/CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

A single page application hub for different variants of Tic Tac Toe, including classic and numeric game modes. Each user’s games are saved to their account and can be reloaded to play again another time.

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General Assembly (Boston)

Web Developer in Training

  • Completed a 12 week, 600 plus hour full-stack web development boot camp
  • Wrote and deployed full-stack web applications in a UNIX environment, both individually and in groups. Each application was completed in six days.

Bradham Research Lab, Boston University

Research Assistant

  • Research focused on a computational model of gene regulatory networks which direct skeletal patterning in sea urchin embryos
  • Project to characterize the role played by Lipoxigenase in the skeletal development of sea urchin embryos
  • Developed experimental strategy and new methods, analyzed and troubleshot results, and trained new researchers

Bradham Research Lab, Boston University

Lab Safety Officer

  • Oversaw safety protocols and equipment in a Biosafety Level 2 laboratory
  • Directed the safety training and certification of newly-hired undergraduate and graduate researchers
  • Liaised between departmental and third-party officials to facilitate inspections of lab safety procedures


Boston University

Sept 2010 - May 2014

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with Distinction

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